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Students, and teachers give and receive feedback, based on clear rubric that helps students improve their work. 

  • Provide support for daycares, Public Schools, School Teachers and Principals, Professors, Universities.
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  • We combined the education feedback with the education process.
Happy Student Education

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An effective education requires the unwavering commitment to support students in their pursuit of knowledge. Educators, Daycares, and Universities must strive to produce effective, and contributors of a great society for all. Accountability supports progress.


Educators, Universities, and employees either the providers, or assistants, must be professional. Daycare must empathize with the parents and their often perceived as unreasonable concerns. Same applies for the entire educational process.

School & Student Safety

Taking care of children is one of the most demanding tasks on the planet. Primarily the focus on child safety from within and without the schools, and daycares. Therefore, in the times in which we live, we must guaranteed student safety through precautionary measures.

Intrinsic Compassion

Caring comes from within. We must remember that children tend to ignore people they feel do not like them, or that they do not like. It is important to have a healthy relationship with children. Efficient daycare workers are role models, teach good moral values.

Who We are

Made with love in New York City. We empowered educational institutions with our practical, and effective education feedback. Effective School Principals, Professors, Universities, Schools Districts, and Teachers should be recognized for their individuality, character, leadership, and drive for educational excellence. We address areas in need of improvement from a macro educational feedback approach. Our team is comprised of current, and previous classroom teachers, and school staff. Mr. Luna, our CEO, has more than ten years of classroom experience in low-income areas in the New York City Department of Education, the largest, and most diverse educational system in the United States. We strive to support our students, parents, and educators.

Happy Student Features

Happy Student strives to gather feedback from real students, parents, and teachers to display to the public the highest rated schools in America, and stagnant Schools, as well as schools to avoid altogether. HS integration into your Schools offers the following benefits:

  • National recognition
  • A larger pool of student candidates
  • Prestige
  •  and the HS Award Badge and more.

Use HS to find the best schools academically, Safety and Security, and other criteria using our algorithmic method that will provide you with the best results.

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Children nowadays are at a higher level than past generations. From school, to higher education, students use technology to both learn, and practical applications. At HappyStudent.Org we strive to provide a consistent, inclusive software made for students, with teachers in mind. HS offers numerous features such as:

  • Easy to use
  • Visual Feedback
  • Measurable Progress
  • User friendly

Great educators, professors, and teachers must be recognized, to highlight determination, and highly effective educators. We encourage effective education through the HappyStudent.Org education feedback algorithm. Enjoy the following features, and benefits:

  • asynchronous platform
  • measurable progress
  • a system developed by current educators
  • many more features

Get started and have your students offer their feedback on your progress to improve and avoid stagnation.

Higher education, university, and colleges are an investment. You must go in with an understanding, and a clear view of an education institution can offer you. It is worth the investment? Enjoy HappyStudent.Org’s features:

  • asynchronous education
  • Feedback by other graduates
  • a system developed by current educators
  • many more features

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Education Surveys

Our Education survey software is proven to efficiencies. and improve collaboration, analytical reflection, and overall instructional, and education improvement. Our system is free to use and integrate. We support institutions by integration our systems into the school survey, and communication systems.

Education Organization

Our feedback system allows academic institutions to give parents, and students a voice in the educational process. We help K-12 institutions improve based on fairness and quality education. With proven results; your ratings will help your school community! We focus on educating without indoctrinating.

Education Leadership

We offer a free platform that identifies academic flaws and disparities within the educational system. Our feedback platforms supports educational improvement for School Districts, Teachers, School Principals, and Public Schools. Our system is exclusively designed for academic institution made by teachers in New York City.

Our free software allows users to create surveys modules with the pertaining survey questions. Then the students, parents, or pertaining audience can use both touch and and mouse and keyboard for feedback. The flexible, easy to use, and effective feedback.

Happy Student Education Surveys in action

Education Feedback

Our Rating Modules

Education that ranks at it lowest must be address. We address areas of need to support our students, and educators. Falling to the bottom is a signal that changes musty happen.

Areas of improvements must can be identify, and corrected as soon as we identify on HappyStudent.Org. Students strive in flexible, and effective settings.

Education stagnant is not the best education. Students crave change, and improvement. New and colorful instructions, that is inclusive, and adapted will show the best results.

Highly Effective teachers, professors, universities, and school districts epitomize teaching and learning. However, self reflection never ends for all educators, even effective educators.

Our Education survey Platform in many classrooms.

Canada Education Feedback

Canada Education

We have feedback on all Canadian schools, Universities, school principals, and more. Use our education feedback from Canadian education for measurable progress.

Australia Education

Australia Education

We have feedback on all Australian Public Schools, Universities, and Professors, and more. Use our education feedback from Australian Education for measurable progress, and highly effective education.

New Zealand Education

New Zealand Education

We have feedback on all New Zealand public education, Universities, school principals, and more. Use our education feedback from New Zealand education for measurable progress, and classroom improvement, and inclusivity.

European Education

European Education

Use HappyStudent.Org education feedback in Europe. Lads use HS to improve student involvement, and engagement. Use HS free, and promote collaboration, and measurable progress.