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America’s Military Supremacy

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Published April 22, 2021


America’s Military Supremacy

“To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme excellence”.¹

Throughout the history of the United States, there have been numerous military conflicts numerous with positive, and horrible consequences with little support for the American people. Yet, the history of the United States has not stopped and will not stop any time soon, therefore, ideas have to be put into place for the future of American warfare.

American cartoon, c1935, by Clifford Berryman 

To assure American military supremacy in the future many steps are necessary in order to maintain military excellence. First, throughout American military history, American leadership has made the same error.


Prolonged Warfare

The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War exemplifies how prolonged warfare is not beneficial to any nation no matter how powerful it is. The Vietnam War saw several American presidents and numerous commanders; hitherto, none was able to achieve a decisive victory. 

In addition, during the Vietnam War for nearly 20 years the United States employed its military, and resources in an inconclusive war that proved unwise initially and hurt the prestigious image of American excellence and honor. However, several decades after the same misjudgment occurred once more.

Iraq & Afghanistan Wars

In Iraq and Afghanistan, the American government stationed combat troops in a prolonged and indecisive military conflict. Past experience has proven that prolonged inconclusive engagements result in high casualties, economic downfall, and bad public image. Therefore, prolonged warfare should always be avoided in the future of American military policy.

Americas SupremacyIdeally, the United States should not have to prepare for future wars. However, realistically warfare is always at our doorsteps. Taken from the experience of World War II, the United States should not follow Neutrality Acts as in World I and World War II. Initial military conflicts should be studied and analyzed to quickly decide what is at stake in order to respond accordingly.

World War I & II

A state of Total War

During World War I the United States took part in the final stages of the war with little military involvement and little result on the outcome, therefore, its explosion into the world stage was delayed until the pinnacle of World War II. 

Yet, it seems clear that throughout military studies the American involvement in global politics results in the conclusion of the war, due to America’s military supremacy, by far. For instance, World War I ended shortly after the United States entered, World War II ended, shortly after the United States entered the War. WWII

Therefore, all steps have to be taken to avoid major world conflicts and to use the American military presence to swiftly end it. The American military might compares to the great Roman Empire, feared and respected by friends and foes alike. 

Unlike many other empires throughout history, America is trusted around the world to do the right thing. Any other nation with the might of Americans both economically, and military would become a tyrant as history has taught us. Still, America is the beacon of peace and power around the world. The reason why people die to come to America.  

In order to achieve military victory in the future the following steps have to be taken: avoid prolonged warfare at all cost, if the conflict proves impossible to obtain in a relatively short period of time withdrawing should be the first option. Second, in global conflicts where the future of the world is decided the United States should not opt for neutrality. WWII Total War

Third, when global conflicts erupt the United States should quickly develop a strategy to enter an end to the war swiftly without waiting for the conflict to get bloody and fast pace.

In addition, American military strategists and technological support should always be provided to developing nations.

Military assistance should always be limited. Developing nations such as Iraq should be provided with military training, military technology, the sale of goods, and perhaps monetary aid to soften the transition. Yet, the American military involvement in future wars should stayed limited to crucial circumstances.


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