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Smart goals using Arina Nikitina framework

Published April 20, 2021

Creating Smart goals using Arina Nikitina Framework. Here is the breakdown


S= Specific M= Measurable A= Attainable R= Realistic T= Timely

a) Specific and clearly state what are you seeking to learn. A specific clear statement: to gain
experience visiting home-bound people and people in the hospital. A non specific: to become a
more effective educator, (too general; you need to name skills needed.) A good specific goal
should be able to describe situations in a linear and factual fashion.

b) Measurable in the timeframe of the field education placement. Arina Nikitina defines it as: “If
you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Select a goal you can see the progress,
“see the change occur.” A non measurable goal: to learn how to bring social justice issues to the
forefront of a congregation to impassion them to seek missions and ministries that help them
become the true church that loves one’s neighbors. [This is a wonderful ambitious goal,
passionately stated but not achievable in only nine months.] Good Goal: To become familiar with
the liturgical traditions of the UCC Church.

c) Attainable means the goal can be reached by you and your efforts at working at it. You can
see it happen and that will motivate you to continue striving for that goal. Non-attainable
goal: To learn how to establish international partnerships and the pastor’s role in these
endeavors. Attainable goal: To develop a mission statement that will up hold all the projects
the church is currently involve with. Assist the church leaders to answer these two questions:
Why are we involved in these project? What is the overall purpose?

d) Realistic: Nikitina reminds us, “it does not mean this is not a synonym for “easy.” “Set the bar
high enough for a satisfying achievement!” Non Realistic: To incorporate new ministries in the
life of the congregation. Realistic Goal: To successfully execute a worship service utilizing Power
Point technology paired with background music.

e) Timely: Without a time limit, there’s no urgency to start taking action now. “Time must be
measurable, attainable and realistic.” Students need to ask their supervisors, “Is this the right
time for this congregation to revise their “confirmation curriculum” or the “partnership
program the church has with the local community center?” Good learning goal: To gain
understanding and experience with what it means to offer a Radical Welcoming Ministry. 


Creating SMART Goal-Setting Model (Arina Nikitina)

The SMART goals setting by Arina Nikitina uses a set of criteria to identify a set of goals.  Each letter stands for different criteria, for instance, S stands for Specific, M for Measurable, A for attainable, R for realistic, and T for timely. I have identified three of my important goals which are: first is to lose 25 pounds and at the same time gain 10 pounds of muscle.

The second is to buy a new car this year. And my last personal goal is to save five thousand dollars in the next  12 months. Next, I also have set three professional goals and three academic goals. Professionally I want to get a stable and well-paying job, achieve success within an Smart goals using Arina Nikitina frameworkinstitution, and eventually open my own Software development company.

Academically I want to be a teacher by age 27, I want to get certify in NYC by age 28, and by age 35 I want to be a college professor in NYC. 

I have dedicated time and hard work to accomplish my personal goals. First, I have been working really hard to lose weight and build up mass. I work out four days a week, and three hours of work out each day of exercise. Moreover, within the next ten months, I predict my first personal goals will reach.

Working hard and determine I can accomplish my second goal, purchasing a new car. Working overtime and focus I can save enough to buy a new car within the next 16 months. Thirdly, putting a lot of time and determination I can put, little by little, five thousand dollars in my savings account.  

Growing academically and Professionally will ensure a more stable and successful future.  Accomplishing my goal of becoming a certified teacher in NYC and within a realistic time frame becoming a college professor will help secure a more and intellectual and well-educated future. Getting a good job and achieving success will get me to prepare to start my own company. 

I dedicated a cornucopia of time, each day, to accomplish my goals. For Instance, I spend approximately two hours each day studying. In addition, a workday is actually 8 hours a day. However, my average workday ranges from ten to twelve hours. With that being said, according to my time management log, managing my time the way I am managing right now means that my goals will be accomplished within the time frameset.

Furthermore, in order to successfully accomplish my goals, some minor changes need to be made. For example, honestly speaking I would say that I need to spend less time playing video games and more time focusing on accomplishing my goals, I spend two to three hours playing video games on the weekends. S= Specific M= Measurable A= Attainable R= Realistic T= Timely

I have made a discovery while doing my time management log, which is: I discover that I spend more time on video games than I previously thought. For instance, I thought that spent only a few minutes playing, however, I found out that on weekends I played an average of five to six hours on weekends. with this discovery now I know that I have to change the way I manage my time.

As a result of this discovery, I would say that I would rather spend my time differently. Now I prefer spending more time studying and exercising than playing video games. 

thus I can better manage my time and distributed it accordingly. Throughout my time management log, I discover that rather than unnecessarily spending time on my hobbies I can distribute my time in a manner in which a can still have time for my hobbies but focus most of my time on my goals.

For instance, rather than entertain me with my hobbies I can find something really interesting related to my goals and spend time on that.  


In order to accomplish my goals, I will make myself accountable for the way I manage my time. In addition, I will make changes to manage my time more efficiently. I will stay focus all the way not to get distracted and as a result stick to the path. 

I will reward myself by taking time apart to spend on my hobbies when important tasks are done timely. In conclusion, I will keep a time management log, which I will review monthly, in order to determine if I am falling back on my goals and what areas I need to focus on the most. For Instance, if I am focusing too much on one task, then I can reevaluate and make changes so that my time is distributed accordingly.    

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