Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven And Romanticism

Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven and Romanticism

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The Raven

By Victor

Published October 1, 2022

The mind that birthed the Raven


Edgar Allan Poe was a mystery, and somewhat horror writer. However, his works always show passion, and romance in the story, and the development from the perspective of the reader. Poe’s The Ravenis very mysterious, but ultimately very romantic. Lost, and love play a significant part in the Raven. The protagonist reminisces about his beloved Lenore. Lenore passed by, and he is suffering the loss. He becomes distant with a Raven nearby.

The Raven irritates him by speaking the word “nevermore”. The romantic theme with the missing Lenore character comes from the romantic language of the romantic movement in which Poe took part. Language changed during the romantic movement. Languages merged from different countries. Poetry becomes romantic, and melancholic even.

Romantic Poets

Romantic Poets were often seen as melancholic creators. Artists with a grim outlook, deepen the sadness of their poetry words. On the other hand, many other romantics were seen as inspirational love writers. The Romantic movement gave birth to “Annabel Lee”, and the “Raven” by Poe. This work examines beauty, death, and envy. It is said that even angels envied Lee.

The romantic movement that influences the Raven comes from a period of emotions, passion, romanticism, and nurture over society. A period with little interest in logic, and institutions. A period of writings with a deep romantic undertone.

The Raven
Edgar Allan Poe The Raven

The Raven illustrates the undertone as related to Edgar Allan Poe: Quintessential Romantic by Veronica Mueller. Expressive art and carelessness towards institutional religion are part of this period. Poe was impacted by changes in society at the time.

The Romantic movement was short-lived, absorbed into other movements in later years. Authors such as Edgar Allan Poe were short-lived, and others deviated from writing works with a romantic undertone. Nevertheless, the romantic period saw a period of creative growth, and creative poetry in the 19th century. A lot of emotion in the writing. From the Raven “Thrilled me—filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;”(Poe, E, A). Going against institutional religion in expression, and ideals were a direct challenge to the establishment.

This means that the romantic movement influenced politics in Europe in the early modern period. A period of human enlightenment at the time. Poets such as Poe short lived, brought the world many amazing, mind explosions of poetic works. The Raven is a very interesting poem, with an emotional, and intrinsic impact on the reader, as the connection with the characters is established.

There are many reasons why the romantic period lost traction and later disappeared, including the passing of Poe, among other factors. This paper will examine three factors that influenced the demise of the romantic movement, one, of course, being the impact of Poe, with examples such as the Raven.

Poe was a very talented author but passed before reaching the midpoint of his life. Perhaps if Poe would have lived longer, the impact of romanticism would have been greater. Yet, there are various views of analysis, and perceptions that may bring light to the disappearance of the romantics from mainstream writing.


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