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Is American Culture Being Erased? We found the answer.

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Is American Culture Being Erased? We found the answer.

By Victor

Published September 29, 2022


Is American Culture Being Erased? We found the answer which may be contradicting. Is white culture being erased by replacing white characters in works by White Americans? Replaced with other ethnicities such as African American, Hispanic, or Asian. Is the movie “a white man’s burden” becoming a reality in America today? Of course, we have to consider how white Americans often replaced Asian Americans, and African Americans with black paint, and other extremely offensive acts. However, Is it correct to take vengeance by doing the same thing done to us?

Modern Entertainment

Many famous works have become part of American pop cultures such as Game of Thrones, The Witcher, Star Wars, DC Comics, and Marvel comics. These famous, and time-tested works have become part of mainstream entertainment in American households. Yet, it escapes too many that these literary works were written by “old white guys”, likely racist, and intolerant. But their work is still fascinating after often a hundred years or more.

The aforementioned works have been adapted to the theaters, TV by streaming, and many more medians. Characters such as Luke Skywalker, Gerald of Rivia, the Houses of Westeros, Black Panther, Batman, and Superman among others have become icons of American culture regardless of ethnicity, creed, or race of the viewer.

Cultural Wars

Modern America has become a nation of restructuring, repairing, and self-assessments. This has resulted in many injustices being remedied, and many societal flaws corrected. However, how far is America willing to go to repair a past that has already been written? Assuming the errors of European Americans in the founding of America, it is still not enough to completely erase White America from the earth. America is a melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, and people. But America remains one country united by American modern beliefs.

Cultural Wars

If we are to accept other cultures, we must accept White American culture, not as something negative, but as creative works for all to enjoy, contrasting with “Sancho Panza”, a classic Spanish book. Creative works by white Americans are still American culture to be enjoyed by all, and not attacked, or criticized by modern observers. Considering the burden of slavery on white Americans’ consciousness, it makes it difficult to defend their “good” origins in culture, and the betterment of humans. For example, Ampicillin was created in 1958 free of cost, likely saving millions or even billions of lives with the antibiotic. 

Modern America

Modern America has become the laughing stock of the world community in recent years, but that is for another report. Americans have become like Romans during the Pax Roman, and the later years. 

America has decided that white American culture is nonexistent, or evil, and must be erased. For instance, famous works such as the Lord of Rings: the rings of power, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones have seen the touch of America. 

Amazon Video has decided to race-swap characters traditionally of white skin with characters of dark skin. Seems a bit hypocritical to criticize the wrongdoings of the past by repeating them in modern times. Does it give successors the freedom to do the same? It does! Replacing, or even adapting classic works to meet modern Hollywood quotas, or to get more viewers seems offensive to the creators of the work. 

What are examples of American Culture?

The same applies to Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. The original series was greatly criticized due to the lack of diversity. Wait, what? The series was great in terms of ratings, and reception because it stayed true to the lore, and the origin story regardless. The author George R.R. Martin, a white American, was influenced by Medieval times in EUROPE. Therefore, most characters would be white without aligning the viewers. These prove a success since the Game of Thrones TV Show was translated to dozens of languages, and televised around the world making millions of sales for the book on

Is American Culture Being Erased? We found the answer.
The Ring of Power

The world benefits from European medieval fantasy, not everything must be political. In the same way, we choose to modernize and use Asian characters in Asian movies and TV shows. In the same way, we must keep white fictional characters in most cases white, otherwise, it would be just racist, and disrespectful to the lore, the fans, and the family of the creators, or the creator.

Nowadays society demands much from its unrealistic and uneven standards and rules that apply differently, and unfairly. Society demanded that legendary characters from the Simpsons animated TV series, Doctor Hibbert, Carl, and all other Black characters be voiced by black voice actors, and not white as it was in the past. 

The character Apu, of the convenience store in Springfield, of the Simpsons had to be practically suspended because it is not politically correct, and racist. Whereas, the creator states “people love to pretend they’re offended.” Matt Groening and nearly all the Simpsons fan base of millions worldwide did not take offense to the portrayal of Apu, who had a significant backstory in the episode “Much Apu About Nothing”. 

Why is White American Culture “Up for grabs”?

When it comes to white American, and European culture, literature, adaptation, and otherwise, everything is open to modification, and swapping, without fear of offending anyone. Characters such as Superman have been stripped of slogans with “American patriotism” in them. Characters such as the abominable Hulk have been feminized, and “tamed”. Yet, the irony is always luring from the corner.

The Marvel Character Black Panther was created by Stand Lee a white comic book writer who also created Spiderman. Hence the top three comic book characters in the world Batman, Spiderman, and Superman are under attack by modern America. 

There is nothing wrong with the white American way of living, and the American Dream. A home with a wife and children is a great way to live our lives. Vacations, education, and enjoying family, and friends. With emotional, physical, and financial support, and companionship. The nuclear family, a life that is rich and productive. However, a life full of enjoyment, zero judgment, and good health.

Let us not pretend that when all new characters are created by white actors, with Europe as the setting suddenly becoming black, or Asian is not offensive, and is difficult to watch. The world is full of creative individuals. African Americans and Asian Americans have created some of the most culturally original works. I won’t say more on that to avoid offending, and sounding patronizing. But CREATIVE works that do not represent any politics and are pure entertainment, but adapted from an original work must be loyal to the art and respect the author. Seems condescending changing art we have not created.


Art is for all of us to enjoy. When we say that art made by white authors for everyone to enjoy is not “up for grabs”. Art created by talented black authors will never be altered, or modified to change race, and ethnicity, or to feminize, and cowardice men over a more powerful, and talented female. But, the swap has significantly affected story lines which is the case for the movies Charlie’s Angels, and Ghost Busters. Both movies failed at the box office, not even women liked them.

Thus, rather than swapping, and adapting things to fit the modern narrative, to gain victim points, to patronize adding them basically by force into works made by white authors with white characters in the art. Not judging history by today’s standards. Not to judge at all and enjoy originality, and honesty such as Dave Chapelle on Netflix without taking offense to every little thing!


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