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Nancy and Alex Hostos Community College Play

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Published January 26, 2022

Nancy and Alex Hostos Community College Play

Nancy and Alex


Nancy  A 21 year old woman with a background in bartending, and elementary teacher.
Alex  A 23 year old man, with a background in computer science, and construction.


Play Setting

An apartment in the Riverside parts of the city. An affluent community of wealthy bankers, accountants, and lawyers. Luxury vehicles, parks, and cleanliness. People of great wealth paid thousands of dollars in rent to be near work, and avoid NYC traffic. There is an apartment where all the millionaires reside. A building with two large giant statues of lions in the entrance. In the center of the two lions is a large glass gate with a dedicated doorman, and front desk services 24/7. Inside the lobby there is a luxurious chandelier, sofas covered in cashmere, and coffee, and water available 24/7.  


Spring morning around 10 am inside a room in an apartment. 


Nancy and her brother Alex managed to get inside the Lion building in Riverside New York, with information on a ten million dollar bag of cash. They are inside the apartment trying to find the cash and leave the building without leaving a trace.



Alex, where is the safe? We have been looking for it for at least half an hour now. I thought this plan was rock solid! 

Are you trying to get us killed! Jesus man.



The plan is solid. The safe is under the bed below a tile. We must hurry! 



We are going to be rich brother! 

(Carefully, and cautiously, Nancy and Alex enter the masters’ bedroom)


You have the tools right? 


I have a hammer, and a Chisel as you told me. Why? Is there a problem?



(Chin up in pride!)

No, No problem at all. In fact, There is ten million dollar in cash in the safe. But, it is already 11:00 AM, we must be out of here by noon. So lets hurry!


Ok brother. Lets move the bed, it’s quite large, but i don’t think it is heavy.  


The bed can glide on the marble floors. Am pushing, take a look to see if it’s far enough?


I SEE IT BOTHER! I see the loose tile. 


Ok sister, here… use the chisel to lift the tile. 


Come brother, I need help, it’s very heavy. The tile has cement.


So close to the price. 

A thick tile pushed to the side to unveil a large black bag.


Sister, look at a large bag with cash! We made it. We are in our twenties, now rich!!


Stop talking, we have no time to waste, take a bag, let’s get out of here. I know it is early 11:10 Am, but only because it was not safe.


I feel the cash inside the bag, hurry sister open the window! 


Quickly brother, the car is ready. The fireplace is a great getaway for us! 


The car is one, last stair to the sidewalk.


As she jumped to the ground, and walked to the car. Brother great plan, where did you get all this information from?


Nancy and Alex take the bag of cash, hope in the Lexus and drive away with the cash, and the youth.

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