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NYSED Satety net? Easy steps to become a teacher in NYC (NYCDOE)

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Published June 16, 2018

The process of becoming an NYCDOE Teacher oftentimes get clouded in the array of results online. However, there is little information from the actual NYCDOE, or NYSED source is scarce. Now i will give you the step by step guide on to becoming an NYCDOE licensed teacher.

Step 1

You must have a BA degree in anything, but with a BA in Education, you will have an advantage. With a 4 year degree you can easily become a substitute teacher. Yet, the modern substitute teacher works daily at a rate of approximately 170 per day with a work day of barely 7 hours. As a substitute you will have the edge over newly graduated students, because you will have exposure yo principals who will ultimately hire you.

Step 2

Once you have your 4 year degree and become a substitute, you can start working towards becoming licensed to be a permanent teacher, who once on “payroll” you get benefits such as summers off, and health benefits, as well as a discount of up to 19% on your cell phone bill! to become licensed you need to pass all the NYSED required exams. Nevertheless, theses exams vary by the type of licensed. For instance, to become a special education teacher you need around 6 exams, while becoming a social studies, or science teacher 3 exams will do. Once you figured out which license you would like to pursue to can start.

a side note, it is best for the students if you choose the licensed in which you fit best, and most importantly enjoy it most. For instance, if you enjoy history, it is recommended you become a history teacher, and if you enjoy athleticism you should become a physical education teacher, and so on.

Step 3

Determine you exams and start taking them. For instance, to become a social studies teacher you need to pass the Content Specialty Exam, (social studies in this case)|| you will also need the Educating All Students Test which applies to all teacher licenses, and the edTPA-Secondary History/Social Studies (National). However, as current NYCDOE teacher i will give you the insight. First, you can pass the Educating All Students with the new low score of simply 500 from the previous required passing score of 525.

Additionally, on the edTPA-Secondary History/Social Studies (National) you can simply “try” to complete it to get at least one “Incomplete” (I) score on the 4 require tasks in order to qualify for a simply “safety net” alternative. That is, once you try to pass the edTPA and get at least one incomplete even if you fail ever other task, you can take the discontinued and easy Secondary Assessment Of Teaching Skills.

Step 4

I have to mention that in order to be a licensed teacher you must complete a MA in education within 5 years of becoming licensed otherwise you will lose your statues. Nonetheless, all you need is your 4 year degree, and pass all your exams and NYSED requirements, such as simply workshops, and fingerprint for background check. The main targets are the 4 year degree, all required exams, and you are on your way to becoming a licensed teacher. Enjoy your new career and NEVER forget, it is all about the students, always!

On the link below you can search the requirements for every teacher licensed!


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