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Raw Draft Review of Swagger Theatrical Play

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Published January 26, 2022

Raw Draft Review of Swagger Theatrical Play

The play Swagger is a pleasant Hostos production developed by the Hostos repertory company. Written by Eric Coble Playwright and directed and produced by professor Angel Morales. To review this play there are several factors to consider. Significant events in chronological order that are part of the story. The core of any story. How a story develops continuously with the climax, and other aspects of a story taking place.

Raw Draft Review of Swagger Theatrical Play

Additionally, the Episodic is a sequence of events that influence the story, and its climax. For instance, the episodes of a series, or TV show is the epitome of the Episodic Linear Structure. Also, The Cinematic events are the climax colliding all events, and stories together to form a significant event in the general story. 

Swagger Empathetic Connection

Jon Snow it’s revealed to be the King of Targaryen blood, from the Game of Thrones TV show. Context in theater is very important. Swagger effectively gives away the context within the first few minutes. For example, Tempest set in a realistic world, to Star Wars set in a futuristic fictional world will significantly influence many aspects of a play in terms of set, design, and storytelling. The famous play Hamilton uses early American outfits in their characters, along with language interpretation.

swagger cover

This simply refers to the parts of a state such as the auditorium, the main stage, the onstage, backstage, and both the right and left stage. For example, the main stage would be the most significant to a play. Swagger is a play portrayed by two actors, and an actress, therefore the stage was ideal.

The premise of the play is based on New York, with a diverse cast including Hispanic American, and African American. Actor Danish Farooqui is very talented, and did not make a single mistake. He played a very convincing role as the young student struggling with his inner demons. Trying to break out of his shell. Through dialogue Jordan (Mr. Farooqui) was able to bring to life some unreacted characters. His friends are struggling with morality.

The Bronx community and the NYPD

Stealing and even suggesting “Police arrest first, then ask questions”. Which seemed very interesting, but also relating to recent events involving the police, and police brutality. Mr. Raymond Flowers played Daniel the police officer patrolling the “swagger” store under ownership of struggling single mother Leela played Justine-Julette Grindley.

A police officer unable to connect with a group of young students, and a suspicious, and cautious person, struggling to reach her goals of moving to a nice house for her daughters, within a few years of sales, she would be able to leave her apartment. 

Swagger’s Theme

The theme of the play I believe is perception. How we perceive each other, how we see ourselves, and how we perceive others. For instance, in the store, Jordan (Farooqui) was trying to change his appearance with a new jacket, to change how other people would see him. While at the same time struggling with his own morality, reflecting “My little brother already thinks am Batman I can let him down” illustrates his motivation to do good for his family. 

Acting and other artistic expressions require imaginative empathy in order to create a connection between the characters, and the audience. I believe living in the Bronx connected me with the play emotionally. In addition to acting and other similar artistic expressions, writing requires a significant level of imaginary empathy.

Swagger's Theme

The writing is clean. All well written stories have a clear emotional connection deriving from empathy and an understanding of human emotions. Books such as Game of Thrones, and the Witcher evolved into classics in a niche genre because there is an empathetic connection between characters, and the audience in a realistic and feasible way.

In theater actors collaborate and exchange ideas, and other information with the director, producers, supporting cast, scenographer, and the custom designers, among others. Ultimately, when it comes to the arts, it must be realistic, and seem convincing in the minds of the average person, even fantasy genres.

Without imaginative emphatically you would not be able to understand human emotions, and portray them to an audience which may result in tears, and other emotions. There are an array of plays, and arts that trigger significant human emotions in an universal way.


The playwright effectively illustrated how perception, and assumptions can create a chain of events. How individuals form together to cascade a change reaction that leads to a climatic result. When it was realized that Jordan (Farooqui) did not steal the jacket, the playwright successfully delivered the most significant emotional impact of the play, I believe.

Therefore, Jordan (Farooqui) nearly died for a jacket likely no more that one hundred dollars. In relation to recent events, where people get hurt, or killed in misunderstandings, and perception the playwright, and director do a great job of conveying a subtle but very strong message.  

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