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Rome and America Empires of Trust

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Published June 16, 2021

Roman Empire

Rome and America Empires of Trust how they use their power responsibly resulting in world trust with power. Rome became an empire base first on alliances and then on conquest. For example, when the Romans would defeat an enemy they would first eliminate the resistance, and then establish a new government from the natives. Hence, conquered lands allies rather than placing them under direct Roman control. This was something that was done during the later years of the Empire. 

First let us start by mentioning the founding of the Roman Republic and the Roman Political, and Military state of mind. For instance, Romans grew tired of the Etruscan oppression. Therefore, lead by the novel Patrician Lucius Junius Brutus they overthrew King Lucius Tarquinius Superbus and his family after the King’s son dishonor the wife of the novel Patrician.

Roman Military
Roman Military

The revolt was based on the rape of Lucretia, this was very important for the Romans because the Virtues of Lucretia represented the Virtues of the Roman traditions, therefore, created a single state of mind for the people to unify against the King.

This marked the beginning of the Republic of Rome, where a Roman government was developed in which Monarchies or “Tyrants” were to be avoided ad hated at all times, this custom was kept even during the age of the Emperors up to Emperor Diocletian in the 3rd century AD.

Rome Empire of Trust

The Roman government was not an official constitution but rather a state of mind and cultural values, which dictated laws of behavior by the people of Rome. For instance, the offices of the state had certain duties, which were always followed by the statesmen even though there were not written down. The Republic of Rome was a government different from what think today like a Republic; for example, the Romans created their republic to avoid Kings at all costs.

Rome and America Empires of Trust
Roman Empire

The Republic had two Consuls to avoid having one man with control over the entire army, therefore, becoming a threat to the state. In addition, the one Consul had veto power over the next, and they were only allowed to hold office for one year without the possibility of reelection. Furthermore, the most important branch, some would say, was the Senate which constituted the council to advise all other statements on how to approach satiations. The word and favor of the Senator were crucial to all politicians during the early republic. 

However, the government was a form of mostly the wealthiest and most powerful Romans. The Roman social class was divided into three; first the most powerful the Patricians, then the middle class and sometimes rich the Equestrians, and then the majority the Plebeians the poor. To become a Roman one ad to be a Patrician with a large amount of wealth and lands; In addition, the Patricians were only a few Romans with descents back to the founding of the city of Rome, such as the family of Brutus.

The United States Empire of Trust

The United States is the most prosperous, and powerful country ever in the history of the world. Americas’ military budget is close to 1 trillion. In contrast, by comparison, the next ten countries combined to do get to even 500 billion dollars.

United States Aircraft Carriers
United States Aircraft Carriers

The world respects, and fears the United States military power. The United States navy has more than ten nuclear-capable aircraft carriers, compared to the next five powerful countries that barely have two carriers. Nevertheless, the world trusts the United States’ power and military might.

During any period in the world, the United States and the Roman Empire’s military power would serve to conquered and add new territory to the empire. However, both empires choose isolationistic policies. The Roman Empire expanded by adding buffer states, and allies to their borders to protect themselves from invasions, and attacks.

Roman Military
Roman Military

Rome and America Empires of Trust

The more allies they had the bigger they grew until the allies gradually assimilated and saw themselves as Roman. Many kingdoms looked to Rome for protection. The kingdom of Pergamum in Asia Minor was given to Rome by its king. Roman Emperors were not considered royalty or monarchs for hundreds of years after Julius Caesar.

Roman Emperors were “First Among Equals” until Emperor Diocletian in the 3rd century AD. Emperor Diocletian made purple the color of emperors, and people had to bow to the emperor.   

The United States is trusted by many countries around the world. The United States has led by example. The United States is the only country in modern times not looking to expand, or add new territory. But, can you safely say that if you had the military might to conquer the entire world, you would rather isolate yourself.

Rome and America Empires of Trust
The United States of America

The United States invaded Korea, Germany, Japan, Iraq, Afganistan, The Dominican Republic, among other nations. Yet, the United States withdrew all military forces from these nations and supported independent, nationalist governments. As a result, countries such as Korea, and Japan have significantly benefited from American support and protection. 


Ultimately, the Roman Empire lasted for more than a thousand years. Many countries borrow from the effective roman system of government, including the United States. The American founding fathers used the American system of government, and military as a model.

Eliminating all the mistakes made by the Romans. Whereas, the United States is the second country in the world, after the Romans, capable of soo much power, and wealth, and not conquering Mexico, or Canada.

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