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Steps to School Chemistry Lab Safety

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Published June 7, 2021

School Chemistry Lab Safety

Article Based on the video below

School Chemistry Lab Safety can be very dangerous. It can also be very engaging, interesting, enriching, and fun. Teachers must explain the procedures and expectations clearly, so that lab safety is prioritized.

In this article, we will describe the procedures and expectations of school chemistry labs. We will break down procedures, and the consequences of carelessness, laziness, and fooling around in the chemistry lab. Students and teachers must adhere to all procedures, and expectations in school chemistry labs.

School Chemistry Lab Safety

 Lab rules/dress/procedures

  • Use clean glassware.
  • Is better to waste the excess, than mixing back into the bottle
  • Use small glassware
  • When spills happen, report the spill to the teacher immediately. The teacher will use kitty litter to stop the spread. The rest will be broomed.
  • Broken glass on the separate container, clean up when finished always
  • Glass scrub and rinse for the next experiment.
  • Always wash chemicals off your hands.
  • Always stop, drop, and droll, if nobody of water is available.
  • Fire extinguish Used only by the teacher
  • Students must always go to the hospital after a cut.

Lab Safety

What is lab safety? Chemistry lab can be by adhering to all rules, instructions, and common sense. For instance, students must follow the teacher’s instructions, and carefully read the instructions for all chemicals they are working on before starting to mix the chemicals. When students need to dispose of something in the trash, or if students drop a chemical they must talk to the teacher before doing anything.

Chemistry is different from other classes because it hands one and engaging but if you do not follow the rules and common sense you can seriously hurt yourself or others (Video). Moreover, following proper procedures, using small containers, reading instructions, mixing chemicals correctly, and using common sense, learning about chemistry, and using the lab is enriching.

Importance of Lab Safety

 Lab Safety

Why is it important? Lab safety is important because not following rules, and not using common sense there is the potential for even death by one of the chemical mixers. Chemicals are fun but dangerous if not handled appropriately. For example, putting water into a container of acid the wrong way makes the acid splash out with the potential to harm someone (Video). Acid can seriously burn the skin.

Chemicals can emit dangerous fumes, when mixing chemicals it is important to do it carefully; otherwise, you risk fires, dangerous fumes, explosions, leading to serious injury. However, the reason for all the rules and expectations is for the safety of all participants.

Lab safety is important because, beyond just chemicals, there are also gas fires. Not following proper procedure and common sense can lead to even an explosion. If the flame is sparking, or turns off, close the valve because not doing so can potentially create a massive explosion in the lab. Additionally, faulty glassware can explode under fire.

School Chemistry

There are multiple pieces of equipment in a lab, and students interact with many chemicals. Chemicals such as dangerous fumes, the potential for fires, and explosions. Sloppiness and carelessness can lead to serious injury and even death. The most important rule of lab safety is students must never fool around. Fooling around can potentially harm someone, leaving emotional and physical scars for life.


In conclusion, Lab safety is an important part of chemistry. Lab safety helps students learn, and experience extraordinary things, safely. To prevent vibration the centrifuges must be balanced, otherwise, they may fall off the table.

There is so much to learn from chemistry, especially in a lab. Therefore, lab safety is important. Perhaps lab safety may sound intimidating to many it may be the case. I believe the intimidating part that requires cooperation, discipline, and focus. However, it is completely worth it.

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