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Study Guide 5 | Lehman College

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Published October 2, 2022

Study Guide | Lehman College

Study Guide 5

  1.     How does Grimke describe voluntary motherhood?

Grimke is famous for fighting for women. She states that voluntary motherhood equal to no sexual relations with her husband, with the exception of reproduction hence the voluntary part. Grimke has many statements that are controversial, and offensive to Christianism, and argues that many of the faults of America can essentially be blamed on the bible, or bible interpretation.

  1. Why were some people, even feminists, opposed to contraception in the 1800s?

People saw contraception for prostitutes, and not suitable for families. The 1800s was a time that was very anti sex, and sex related things. Such as contraception, the use of condoms, and did not allow advertisement of such on any place. Contraception was accepted, but not viewed as mainstream.

  1. How is divorce a feminist issue?

Divorce is a feminist issue because it involves oftentimes children, and custody agreements, childsupport, and many other fundamentally maternal rights.

  1. Why was Lizzie reluctant to marry?

The patriarchal system did not favor her, and she did not need to marry. Marriage in general terms is not favorable to women although it has changed in recent times. Therefore, Lizzie was reluctant and undesiring of marriage.

  1. How did Lizzie experience her pregnancies?

Lizzie experienced a difficult pregnancy. Of course pregnancy is difficult in general in terms of body changes among other things. However, in Lizzie’s case her circumstances affected her differently.

  1. What is Lizzie’s awareness of women’s political position?

Lizzie believed that women played little to no role in political affairs, beyond the two spheres of influence. She was aware of the unfairness occurring. Something that was common knowledge at the time, that women play a very small role in politics, and government. 

  1. In what ways did Lizzie try to control becoming pregnant? Was she successful?

“Unwanted Motherhood,  “1845” Anonymous source

Lizzie try contraception, and other was even abstaining from sex. However, in the 1800s, and even recently sex, and reproduction is still attached to each other for women, but not for man. Casual sex was still not acceptable for women, even though now its fine.

  1. In what way did this writer try to control her own reproduction?

The writer desired independence from man, and their control over her body. The patriarchal system was dictating her role in society, and she reduced that. Rather, chose her own path to become pregnant, and be successful.

  1. What obstacles did this writer encounter?

She encountered many obstacles in this patriarchal system. However, ultimately as most women do, she overcame her obstacle, and became successful.

Extracts from the Mosher Survey, 1892-1913

  1. What are some of the opinions about sex and marriage seen here?

Marriage is bad, sex is a tool to pressure men, and all was justify by the bible according  to the author. However, there are many intriguing, and important points the author made. Such as, the patriarchal marriage which oppressed women. However, independence from men as the author suggests should not be based on normal behavior as adults. Marriage still works even when both spouses work, men, and women i believe. Modern marriage is not how it was in the 1800s.

  1. What type of contraception is mentioned?

There are several contraceptives including condoms made of animal parts, as well as stopping to avoid pregnancy, among others. In addition, the voluntary pregnancy system was established by women to control their reproductive system.

“The Man Marriage” by Elizabeth Cady Stanton,  1869

Man marriage is the patriarchal system of marriage established by men, which takes away women’s rights. This has resulted in women becoming “property” in some respect in the 1800s. However, there were other factors that benefited women as well.

  1. In your own words,  what are two main points from this article

The main points I believe are contraception, and marriage. Marriage as a patriarchal institution that did not benefit women. And a system of contraception that did not benefit women at all, and resulted in numerous children, and often death for the woman.

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