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Published November 20, 2022

Study Guide

Birth control in the early 1900s-1930s

  1. What is the significance of the Emma Goldman quotes?

Emma Goldman was a significant figure in women’s fight for quality in America. He quotes focus on reproduction, anarchy to the current system established by the patriarchal system. However, anarchy does not benefit women at all. Emma promoted women’s independence from men, and the system.

  1. What type of birth control did Sanger promote in the 1910s?

Sanger promoted many types of birth control to support women’s reproductive freedoms. Women used condoms made of various animal materials, douches among other steps. In addition, Margaret Sanger supported abortion, and women’s autonomy with their bodies, and reproductive freedom to choose whether to have a baby or not. And cease from male dominance.

What type of contraception was used in the 1900s-1950s?

3. What are 2 of her main points in this reading?

Thanks to Ms. Sanger women were us spermicides, douches, an early diaphragm called the Dutch pessary, and ergot pills, which induced abortions among other. Margaret Sanger argues for women’s reproductive freedom, and independence achievable through contraception. Hence, women can choose to postpone pregnancies, and choose when to become pregnant. Sanger overall focus was women’s reproductive independence, and fight against men, and religious impositions. 

  1. Write a few sentences about one letter that you found interesting. 

 I found the letter by the lady who was married to the “Methodist Minister” represented an actual societal issue in early America. Religion played a significant role in the reproductive system. For instance, contraception was not popular due to religious reasons resulting in families with 20 children or more. The topic was overall divisive in many households. However, the lady who wrote the letter dealt with that by not talking about it. She would use contraception on her own discretion the reason why she wrote to Ms. Sanger, asking for advice on an effective method.   

  1. What are the general themes of these letters?

Women looking to Margaret Sanger for advice on birth control, and reproductive choice. From a situation where many women did not want the pregnancy, now faced with a challenge. Many women with children, married looking for effective, and safe contraceptive methods. Considering Margaret Sanger coined the phrase birth control, going to her was a safe bet. Therefore, many women in similar situations wrote to Sanger for advice. 

  1. What are the general situations of some of these women? (such as married or single, poor or rich, kids or no kids yet). 

These were working families in which many women wrote to Ms. Sanger to advise on birth control. Many of these women had nearly 10 children. All women were married, and most had children, and were trying to avoid another pregnancy. This was something reasonable, and swiftly achievable, but rarely discussed in many households. Nevertheless, most women found safe, and effective contraception methods.

Andrea Tone, Women, Birth Control and the Marketplace in the 1930s 

7.Were birth control products described by Tone legal? Explain. 

 The tone describes in this reading that it is for birth control that is based on the legal conditions, we can say that it is the birth control measure that should not be made public based on the facts that you can understand in the reading. “It says that these contraceptive methods should not be advertised publicly or in the markets”, otherwise it will have a very negative impact since marketers would benefit. This helped the demand to increase the demand, obviously the merchants would increase their price.

  1. What euphemisms were used to describe, sell, or name these products?

It could be said that it comes from various names. Manufactures, and businesses often mostly said “feminine use” to describe birth control methods. But the image, and other forms of expressions illustrated birth control to the buyer. Various euphemisms were used to avoid conflict with the current cultural norm.

  1. Were anti-septic douches effective or safe? Explain

Efficient antiseptic douches in the early 15th and early 20th centuries, this form was very effective in controlling pregnancy at the time. After this, they look for another method for women, which is a vaginal shower. Where some of this method was extremely low and that was not good for the woman because she could get pregnant. But this method was not very secure, so I had no choice but to buy that method. So we can say that antisense showers are also not safe.

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