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Top free apps to help you manage your classroom.

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Published January 25, 2019

Managing a group of children has always been a challenge; let alone trying to teach them. However, new technologies can give you a hand and help you manage your class better swiftly and efficiently while getting the attention of your administrators. here are the top free apps to help you manage your classroom. The following apps will not only make your classes more interactive, but they will allow you to improve the organization of your tasks, automate tasks, and reduce the stress of managing your classroom:

Attendance App:

This app will be handy when it comes to taking attendance. With Attendance, there is no need to update attendance reports manually. You can register the data and images of your students and pass the list in a much more agile way. Attendance‪ AppAlso, it automatically collects the data and allows you to export them, and share it with the main office, and the attendance-taking personnel. Administrators will welcome this process.

Remind App:

This application will enable you to send messages to students and keep parents informed at the same time, from a system that allows sending personalized SMS to a closed list of users, without using your phone number.

With Remind, there is no need to create a WhatsApp group or contact through email. Also, you can send reminders, homework, as well as messages to parents. Remind is a handy app used through the NYCDOE system, and praised by many teachers.

Too noisy App:

This fun noise detector sounds an alarm in case the room noise exceeds a certain threshold. The app shows a graph that changes proportionally to the difficulties of noise in the classroom. With this app, you can set the limit, and warn the students not to pass the set limit.

From our resource, we have found that students respond well to this technology. Students find the visual aid to be very engaging. Additionally, as a teacher, you will not have to waste your voice yelling, or screaming.

Secretive App:

This continuous assessment system makes it possible to involve students in the learning process. Secretive allows you to create online quizzes with multiple answers, true/false, or short answers for your students. Educational ApplicationsSecretive also has educational games and will enable you to design and send personalized cards to your students with their grades. This app can be integrated with Google Education apps, and platforms such as Google Form.

Adobe Scan App:

Tired of accumulating documents, note sheets, or reports in your portfolio? Adobe Scan will be quite useful for you. With a simple touch, you can automatically pass them to PDF format and consult them later in a relaxed way and anywhere from your smartphone. Among other options, Adobe Scan recognizes the texts in the photos making them editable. You can also edit the scanned PDF files, and search for the scanned PDF file easily.

Stick Pick App:

This app allows you to differentiate the students’ level of instruction and manage their answers, classifying them according to their level of competence. The app will match each student with the questions that best suit their level of knowledge. You can also randomly select students in case no one raises their hand when you ask a question.

ClassDojo App:

This popular application could not be missing from this list. Used in 90% of K-8 schools in the United States, ClassDojo offers a fun and straightforward way to manage classroom behaviors. With ClassDojo, the teacher awards points to students for good practice and subtracts points for misconduct.

ClassDojo is a classroom management software offer to teachers and education staff at no cost at all. The features of ClassDojo are substantial to say the list. ClassDojo offers a messaging app to communicate with parents that automatically translate any text into the language of the parents and vice versa, up to 35 languages.

ClassDojo offers a real-time point system to manage student progress, and behavior. You can use the points for classroom seating, homework, and individual student behavior. ClassDojo

ClassDojo offers an array of positive and “Needs work,” support features. For instance, Dojo offers positive points for “Hallway” behavior and collaboration. On the other hand, Dojo offers negative or “needs work” points in preparedness, listening, and cooperation as well.

One of the most useful and essential features of ClassDojo is the ability to send “text” messages within the app without the need to share your cell phone number with your parents.

Most noteworthy, the ability to send a message in English, for instance, and the user gets it automatically translated into the language of their preference, automatically detecting the receiver’s system language. ClassDojo also works with iPad, Android, iPhone, and internet browsers; offering parents, teachers, and students the ability to use the app in many different settings.

ClassDojo works well for parents, students, and teachers. For instance, ClassDojo also offers a students‘ app, very useful for older students. Using the students’ app, students can sign in and use resources, track their points and receive feedback from teachers; which can be a guide to improve their behavior and academic development.

Hence, promoting effective, and imperative collaboration both inside and outside the classroom. Additionally, students can collaborate using the new portfolio features, which allows teachers to have students work on various projects, and classwork utilizing the app.

ClassDojo is always free, always expanding, and highly recommended by teachers for classroom management, and as the best medium of communication with parents. ClassDojo offers multiple functionalities, in addition to the most popular classroom and behavioral management. ClassDojo offers digital attendance, a toolkit, and timer, and a noise meter, among other useful functionalities.

Each student has a customizable “monster” avatar with his total points displayed. The teacher can have direct contact with the parents and send reports and notes to them about the behavior of their children.


There will always be a technological solution available for the problem you face as a teacher. However, you must never forget that technology does not substitute your human touch; you and your students must be involved in its use.

The apps mentioned above can be downloaded by navigating to the following links.


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