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“What Makes A Great Teacher?”

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Published February 20, 2022

Great Teachers are constantly learning.

Nowadays, we need the best teachers to establish a hardworking, productive, and brainstorming nation. Teaching, as a profession, is the most important of all as they are teaching other disciplines. We all have heard a very common yet essential quotation: “Teaching is a profession which creates all other professions.” 

To become a great teacher, both teaching and learning should go side by side. A great teacher has to keep learning progressively, similar to how a doctor knows about new diseases, medicines, and new information. The teacher has to learn to be aware of the latest educational trends and methodologies of teaching so that your students are constantly engaged with new teaching strategies. A great teacher is always willing to accept critical feedback from peers and should often self-reflect. Thus, teachers should always be the vanguard of new and effective teaching methods. 

“Can old teachers adopt new methods of teaching? Can they follow the new rules of education? Can they teach new laws of science? If you answer no to any of these questions, there is room for improvement. Schools don’t hire new teachers regularly, so they will have to raise current teachers’ salaries. However, if current teachers are unwilling to grow and develop, this affects students’ education (Drucker, 2011).


Teachers should take it upon themselves to grow and develop. For instance, great teachers should regularly attend professional development, take free college courses, and embrace new technologies. Smart Boards, Windows computers, G Suite, Apple Teacher, and other technologies complement lessons and promote student engagement. Additionally, employing technology is a time-saver, leaving time for other things such as growing personally. Ultimately, a happy teacher equals a better teacher.                        

A great teacher is like a parent.

“Since we live in an age of innovation, a practical education must prepare a man for work that does not yet exist and cannot yet be clearly defined (Drucker, p. 121).”

A great teacher creates a solid and productive teacher-student relationship. We must remember that students tend to ignore people they feel do not like them or that they do not like. Therefore, it is essential to have a healthy relationship with your students. Great teachers go beyond academics. Great teachers are role models, teach good moral values, and constantly counsel their students. 

The teacher must understand all the barriers and hardships that their student may be facing. To become an effective mentor, you must get familiar with your student’s personal lives and other circumstances. Whereas, if the teacher doesn’t interact with their students, it becomes difficult to overcome educational difficulties. Teachers have a big responsibility for educating the nation’s upcoming generation. As a great teacher, you must listen to students’ hardships and teach them to overcome them. If the teacher doesn’t perform that way, it fails the teacher and the student, according to (Collins 1990).


“The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another.”

                                                                 (Collins, 1990)

One of the winning factors of the best countries regarding teaching is teacher selection and training. They make sure that the teachers they hire spend a whole year in classrooms where they learn a great deal from the great teachers before being expected to lead their class. In today’s era, education is becoming highly centralized. Becoming an extremely competitive teacher is essential. Teachers must plan and strategize their lectures to ensure whether their pupils’ needs are being met or not.

As said by (Forbes):


“Education can be used to change an empty mind with an open one.”


The teacher must be a good organizer. Perhaps, the most difficult yet important task is to be played by a teacher in society. This is because the success of many activities depends upon how good an organizer a teacher is. And then students know what will be coming up for the next. Giving them instructions is pivotal, but on the other hand, a teacher must be setting up different activities to engage them in the class. As quoted by (Einstein):

SchoolsView In School parental involvement“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” (Einstein, p. 52)

The teacher must have a quality of participating in in-class activities to make their students participate. This role helps to improve and maintain a good atmosphere in the class. By this, a teacher can cheer a class, and this can be one of the great ways to make teacher-student interaction better and empower the students. The teacher must encourage the students to participate and help them by constant guidance. As said by (Plato):

“Keep the children to their studies by play, not by compulsion.” (Plato)

We grow strong when facing our vulnerability. A teacher must be confident enough to convey their lecture in the first place. Therefore, it isn’t a stretch. It’s more than only teaching. This, in the end, requires confidence and boosting. A confident person always inspires and encourages others to be convinced. What matters is that you be convinced and continue to do your work. A teacher has to become one who influences all others by their movements. As well said by (Hillary): 



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