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Why does misinformation spread? The result is life changing

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Published May 21, 2022

How and Why does misinformation spread?

Why does misinformation spread? The result is life changing for people who feel victim to their own bias, and personal views. Thus, creating a bubble from which it may be difficult to escape. REED, ERIC suggests misinformation caves to the psychological need of the audience.

Moreover, he argues misinformation is a means to find fit in an unpredictable and ever changing society. Why does misinformation spread? Misinformation spreads because social media and the internet have been widely integrated into society. However, this is relatively new to society.

There will always be a learning curve and a point of adaptability for all members of society to understand the risks of new communication technology. Therefore, misinformation can be seen as an encouragement of our own beliefs and perspectives, a political motivation, and as well as clickbait, and malice intent.

The end result can oftentimes result in negative social consequences, and impact individual citizens. Misinformation’s most significant effect is the power to influence democratic elections. 

The greater point to address will be who determines what is true and fair in society and what constitutes fake news? Society can then try to eradicate the spread of misinformation. Considering social media reaches billions of people. Fake news confuses, and politically misleads the American people.

People using community technology there are just getting familiar. The American constitution should be followed for all national disputes. In the case of misinformation the constitution would allow the citizens to use their judgment and filter out misinformation, including the private sector and free market. 

Government Involvement

It is nearly impossible to determine who is the ultimate judge of what makes fake news and what is not fake news. However, the government is not. Governments are ineffective in non-bias mediations against anything that can be used politically.

For instance, Democrats can mute Republican voices when in power, and vice versa. It is nearly impossible to interfere with speech in American society. Therefore, we should consider educating the American people. Have a massive media campaign to educate the public.

A large budget to expose their people to red flags of potential misinformation and other negative things on the internet. People should be exposed to content criteria that may include clickbait, and other flags for potential deceiving, or negatively encouraging content.

To gather an audience, creators of misinformation focus on a few niches. In other words, they tell you what you want to hear. 

Political censorship

Determining misinformation and how it spreads is a difficult topic because policing misinformation may put a limit on freedom of speech. For example, if there’s an article that is arguing for an issue or a political point that may not abide by all societal norms does not mean that it should be censored or eliminated from the internet, and society.

Unless the content affects people directly, and focus on sensitive topics such as self harm, and the promotion of violence among others. As the next generation approaches, misinformation will fade like pop-ups years ago. 

That is ideal, but the reality is people will always feel reassured by information that supports them personally. Opening the door for misinformation to become a success. In contrast, misinformation in the examples selected, “…anti-mask and vaccine protesters resisting effective COVID-19 public health measures”(REED, ERIC), may be relative to perspective. If some feel vaccines go against their personal beliefs that are not erroneous. Although getting vaccinated and following all health measures is always encouraged, and ideal.

Although a democracy allows for governments to function as representatives of the people, the people of the state remain in control. By sheer numbers, and armament. Hence, no government should be allowed to gradually become authoritarian due to the addictiveness of power, and the wealth that follows. It starts with paper straws, and it may end with the amount of beef or bread you are allowed to eat.    

Societal Control

Throughout history, people have been ruled by kings, emperors, Pharaohs, and oligarchs often with an elite small group holding the masses. We are living at the end of the freest, most democratic in the history of the world as we know it. People are free to express themselves a

nd travel around the country. Go from New York to the State of California to Texas.

Misinformation should not be a reason to impose government will, and the agenda of groups in America. People can openly discuss, and be educated about misinformation. Anecdotally, adolescents are becoming digitally literate to differentiate real, from fake news.

In many cases scrolling through social media, and ignoring fake news, and other enticing material. Gradually, as communication technology powered by the might of social media, misinformation will have no part of the web community.



The government is made of elective officials who are there temporarily. When people live peacefully, and in abundance they might forget the power of “we the people”. Therefore, for the system to function, issues such as fake news, and misinformation are expected and must be anticipated.

In the process of eliminating fake news the government cannot be allowed to determine what is true and what is not, on issues of perspectives, and arguable concerns. The president, or any elected official does not have the power to silence speech, regardless of the circumstances as of the constitution. The American people are not easy to control, Americans were birthed on ideas of freedom, “death before dishonor”, distaste for autocrats, and the courage to face any challenge.

The government which influenced the banning of A CURRENT, AND FORMER PRESIDENT from social media. Forgetting that the American people is comprised of hundreds of thousands of well trained and seasoned veterans throughout the world willing to die for American freedoms. The ultimate solution to the problem of information would be to shut down social media the week of the elections. Is that even possible or willed by people?



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