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Why Tolerance Matters in 2021

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Published November 16, 2021

Why Does Tolerance matter?

Tolerance matters in any society. Without tolerance coexisting would be impossible. Humans must tolerate other races, creeds, social status, financial status, and handicap. A world without tolerance is a world at war. 

A history of intolerance

World War II arose from the ashes of the Great War. However, the lack of tolerance from nations such as Italy. Germany, Japan, and other smaller nations resulted in millions of deaths. The Nazis had no tolerance for anyone other than Arians. Italians joined the Germans, and the Japanese invaded China, leaving a trail of death along the way. Yet, one would argue that in a world with tolerance, Nazis would never exist, and the Japanese would not have invaded China, and everyone would get along. Poorly for everyone, that world has never existed. Spain conquered the indigenous people of the New World, the Islamic Empire conquered large parts of the world, Rome conquered much of the world, so did Alexander, and the Persian Empire.

Why Tolerance Matters in 2021

Tolerance matters in all aspects of life. Tolerance is accepting each other without predigest, or judgement. Neighbors, and siblings have to tolerate each other. Although the tolerance of a sibling does not compare to the general tolerance, and extends nearly beyond limits. Driving requires tolerance, and acceptance of the things we cannot change, and the variables that include other drivers, and pedestrians. Tolerance has seemed to disappear in current times. The United States and the world is in need of tolerance. The Media, and the government convey a message of intolerance. People are irate in the streets, and words such as fat phobia, and many many pronouns exist for one person now. The latter is more in the name of tolerance than anything else, so is good.

Lack of tolerance instigated the media

Why Tolerance Matters in 2021

Tolerance in the year 2021-22 has become more political than actual human behavior. For instance, the United States has been divided into, the followers of President Trump which includes Republicans, and others, and the Democratic party which includes Ocasio-Cortez and every other Democrat. However, all the controversy, and disagreements can be resolved with tolerance. American people are very open minded, and tolerable. But with the media constantly creating destructive narratives almost always based on lies, people become stressed, and irritable to others. If the media, including social media, was limited, and liable for lying and creating division, perhaps the United States would become unified, and tolerable towards each other. Racism in modern times is centralized in political, and media narratives. Yet, individual cases of racism are nowhere to be found, or subsequently proven a hoax.

In Conclusion

American is the least racist country in the world. A country of immigrants, with all races and creeds. Average Americans are exposed to other beliefs and racist on a daily basis. It is not new or strange to see someone from the another country. However, socializing, and mating with people of your own race, and beliefs does not equal intolerance towards others. Same applies to being protective of your country, and your home. That is simple logic on any other country in the world, except in the United States for some reason.

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