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Should Batman Kill the Joker?

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should batman kill the joker?
Published May 11, 2022

An understanding of society with Batman

Should Batman Kill the Joker? is a question that lingers in the back of  is one of the most recognizable and impacting characters in popular culture. Created before WWII, in 1939 by two American writers for DC comics. Since Batman has become a household name producing billions and billions of dollars over the years. Thus, becoming the most popular, and recognizable superhero character in the world. 

Therefore, it is wise to analyze the question of doing something unethical, and cruel for the greater good by using Batman as the bridge between philosophy and pop culture.

Should Batman Kill the Joker?

Batman is often faced with the dilemma, whenever the Joker kills and terrorizes Gotham (NYC) city, “The question of whether or not Batman should kill his enemies was a point of contention between Batman’s true parents. Not Thomas and Martha Wayne, but creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger(Jaffe, 2022)”.

Killing the Joker

They made Batman ask himself, “should I kill the Joker? Am I responsible for all his victims?” many times leaving us to consider whether indeed Batman was responsible for the onslaught of the Joker? 

The same as saying if the government releases a terrorist, the government is responsible for any subsequent deaths. A very explicit topic with many reasonable perspectives here to make readers question many things deriving simply from the fictional, but very popular, Batman DC character. 

Batman has considered killing the Joker since the Joker was introduced. However, compelling to most, he argues that killing the Joker would in essence make him the same as the Joker.

Why kill the Joker?

Of course, that would make him a killer, with sufficient reasons to support his decision. Although Batman has killed in the past. For example, one can argue that Justice is to take whatever measures necessary to avoid the suffering of the greater good therefore there is no justice at all. However, the argument can also be sought that protecting the greater good at all costs or not can essentially create a conundrum that could potentially never be solved.

In the world that we live in today we often face: should we take the drastic steps on ethics and I’ll turn our morals for the benefit of the greater good that greater good being our families our children and often, as you see in history a race.

One death for the greater good?

Often we can argue that there have been many times throughout history where the few have taken to sacrifice for the greater good of an entire society. For example, during the creation of vaccines, many volunteers for testing suffered side effects and ultimately even death in a few cases. 

In other cases, many have volunteered to be tested for the creation of medicine, and many have tried foods that kill. During the times of hunting and gathering many tried different fruits and vegetables others tried poisonous trees and plants that killed them so the tribe saw that the particular plant was deadly.

should batman kill the joker?

However, in the current society where we are enlightened, we understand that an individual’s sacrifice or the hurting of the minority it’s not something to be dismissed as of little importance for society and all societies.


Philosophically analyzing societies we are aware that the suffering of the few has been a pattern since the times of ancient Egypt. The weak have suffered at the hands of the strong and advanced societies have toppled ancient societies.

Ultimately the question of whether Batman should kill the Joker it’s one of those conundrums that may never be solved. Particularly one can argue that if the Joker affects you personally then you will be emotionally triggered to do something about it and even perhaps murdered to Joker.


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